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San Antonio, Tx

Satisfying Your Testing Needs. This Year, Every Year.

Somerville Backflow

If you would like to pay for your test here, please use one of the options below.

We are trying to move away from Paypal when possible, as the fees are substantial every year. We are doing this to help keep our testing fee at the same price level. You may still use Paypal, or one of the other options below. when using one of the other options, please refer to the prices below, or from any correspondence from us.

 Use either the phone number 832-967-8863 or email: [email protected] as recipient. 

Zelle can be downloaded below. 

Use either @Ronald-Somerville or email: [email protected]

Venmo can be downloaded below.

please text payment to 832-477-6267

We also ask that you schedule your test using the link on the right.

New Customer Residential Backflow Test (June 1,2017 to present)

Backflow Test

Street Pricing or Returning Customer Price

Backflow Test Residential

Irrigators Backflow Test

Backflow Test Irrigators

Test and Fee for Returning Customer

Cibolo Backflow Test and Fee Returning Customer

Testing and Vepo Fee

Fair Oaks Ranch

Test and fee

Canyon Lake Water Service Residents

If you would like to use Bitcoin as your payment method, please use the QR code or address above the QR.

Thank you for supporting your local Bitcoin community!